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Life Counselling


I would like to invite you on a journey of growth, healing and transformation. I am not here as a teacher, but rather as your guide and assistant, offering you the tools necessary to navigate your inner terrain, achieve your goals, and continue to blossom as the human being you were meant to be.

"My goal is to help you improve your mental wellbeing by better understanding your emotions, bringing more mindfulness into your daily life and uncovering what life is asking of you at this time."

Uncovering hidden beliefs

At the core of my work is addressing the ways in which stress and anxiety create imbalances in the mind and body. Often times we carry unconscious beliefs about ourselves and the world at large that perpetuate feelings of fear and helplessness. By becoming conscious of these influences it is possible to untie the knots that keep us bound to the past and allow us to flourish right here in the present moment. When we are free of these burdens it allows us to unlock our full potential, giving rise to a sense of inner harmony and providing a gateway for sharing our gifts with the world.

Emotional health

Learn to balance your emotions and develop a healthy relationship with your inner world.


From vulnerability to healthy boundaries; deepen your capacity for connection and authenticity.

Life path

Uncover what life is asking of you at this time, what stands in your way, and how to unlock your full potential.


Guidance through the loss of loved ones, relationships, careers, abilities, and beliefs about ourselves.

The path to authenticity


I believe the purpose of life is to be ourselves; to live with love, authenticity and meaning. I also believe that we are all here to help each other remember this truth and to assist one another in stepping into who we really are. It would be an honour to share in this experience with you and support you as you continue to reveal the person you were meant to be.

Getting started

I like to start things off with a free introductory session so that I can share more about myself and my coaching and counselling services. This also gives us an opportunity to go over any questions and find out  whether my approach is the right fit for you.

You can schedule a session or ask any questions you may have via phone, email or the contact form below.

  • Who I am, what I offer, are my services right for you?
    1 hr
  • One-on-one counselling session - in person, virtually or by phone.
    1 hr
    100 Canadian dollars

* Rate flexibility is available to those who may experience cost as a barrier to service. Please inquire for further details. 

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