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Death Coaching


Death coaching empowers individuals, families and caregivers to create an atmosphere of meaning and purpose at the end of life. It's about living one's final days as fully and wholeheartedly as one desires and it's about embracing the great mystery that is life, death, and the space that lies between.

Whether you are supporting a loved one, dealing with your own health challenges, or simply coming to terms with your own mortality, I am here to walk with you, to be curious together, and to help you find clarity and meaning.

Finding meaning together...

We live in a society that has lost touch with one of the most meaningful times of life. The wisdom once gained from time spent amongst elders and those at the end of life has begun to fade from our collective memory, and with it the understanding of the normalcy of death. However it isn't too late, and together we can welcome death and dying back into our hearts and homes, and provide a healthy model for our families, friends and communities for generations to come.

Emotional Support

Let us sit and inquire together and explore what is real for you at this time. Through guided-self inquiry we examine congested emotions and the hidden beliefs that inform them. This is a space in which to be seen and heard, to allow what is to be, and to transform confusion and uncertainty into clarity and meaning. 


Legacy Work


Death is the culmination of who we have been. One's final years, months and weeks offer a time to capture and encapsulate the essence of our life's message. Together we will explore creative and personalized ways to pass on  personal teachings and memories.

Personal Empowerment

How do we want to spend our final days? By planning early, we can let our loved ones  and support team know how best to support us right up until the very end. From advance care planning, to rearranging our homes, to planning visits, events and rituals, we can live and die on our own terms.




When we breathe mindfully we attune to the present moment. When we grieve mindfully we learn what can be expected and what is best left to the unknown. When we live and die mindfully we become both participants and curious observers to life's endings and beginnings.

Grief & Bereavement

There are no rules on how one is meant to grieve. Grief is less about moving on and more about establishing a new type of relationship.

We grieve the loss of our former selves, our role as friends, family, lovers, caregivers. And yet in our pain, a great space opens, revealing the depths of our capacity to feel and love. 

Whether we are grieving the passing of another or coming to terms with our own dying (be it now or many years from now), there are many tools available to make the journey a conscious and meaningful one.


From how we support ourselves or our loved ones in the final days, to how we put on new hats and redefine our identities, I offer gentle guidance to help you process your experience and foster a meaningful transition in the weeks and months ahead.


Getting Started

I like to start things off with a free introductory session so that I can share more about myself and my coaching and counselling services. This also gives us an opportunity to go over any questions and find out  whether my approach is the right fit for you.

Single sessions are $100/hour. Package pricing is available for those interested in making 3, 6 and 9 month commitments (please inquire for details).

You can schedule a session or ask any questions you may have via phone, email or the contact form below.

  • Who I am, what I offer, are my services right for you?

    1 hr

  • One-on-one death coaching session - in-person, virtually, or by phone.

    1 hr

    100 Canadian dollars

* Rate flexibility is available to those who may experience cost as a barrier to service. Please inquire for further details. 

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