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Walking the path...

Aaron is a:

  • Mindfulness practitioner & facilitator

  • Certified ARC health practitioner

         (BodySpeak model for personal growth)

  • Certified end-of-life doula

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My Story

In 2018 I had the life-changing experience of working for a community hospice in Toronto. Holding space for difficult conversations and helping to navigate people through overwhelming anxiety, I learned that joy, meaning and a sense of purpose can be found in even the most challenging of situations.


Having maintained a disciplined meditation practice for close to a decade I had thought myself to be mentally strong and emotionally resilient, however after 2 years of hospice work I became aware that a large part of my inner world had been neglected. I would spend the next two years delving into a new world of emotions, uncovering places within me that had never felt safe to be explored and had simply been hiding out in the shadows. During this time I sought out the guidance of a number of practitioners specializing in holistic approaches to working with congested emotions and trauma. One such practitioner employed a therapeutic healing technique called BodySpeak, a modality to which I connected to so deeply that I soon found myself wanting to share the approach with others.


Similar to my meditation practice BodySpeak offered a toolset for addressing stress and unconscious habit patterns at the intersection of mind and body, however now I had an effective dialogue technique for helping ordinary people uncover hidden parts of themselves and allow them to get in touch with a more authentic way of being. After studying this technique and becoming a certified practitioner I decided it was time to marry together my collection of skills and life experiences to help guide others on their own journeys of growth and transformation.

I think it's fair to say that I am a life-long personal growth practitioner. While my thirst for learning will always be there, I feel it is my duty to share that which I've learned so far to help others navigate their own challenges.


In my leisure time I enjoy nature photography (, creating gourmet food experiences, and exploring my beautiful home on Vancouver Island.

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